Zombie Buster


Zombie Buster Maths Game for Kids

Zombie Buster is a free online game in which players must shoot zombies. They have a limited supply of ammunition, so they must be careful to use the right ballistic strategy. This zombie game requires players to use a mouse to aim and shoot, or tap the screen to aim. The game’s screen also has information about the coins you have saved and how many zombies you have killed. There is also a pause button in the center of the screen.

The game has several different modes. Players can choose from a simple shooting game or a challenging one. There are 20 levels to complete. The goal is to clear every stage of the game. Players must be quick and accurate to clear all the zombies. Players must also plan their ricochets carefully.

The game includes retro costumes and crazy physics. Players must aim their weapons correctly and use explosives and grenades to take down zombies. The game has a rating of 3.29 out of 163 votes from players, and it is available for PCs and mobile devices.

Author: Donald Young