Zero Numbers


Zero numbers is a math game for kids that helps them learn about number sets and operations. It’s a fast-paced, fun game that can be played with two or more players. The goal of the game is to collect as many “zero numbers” as possible, which are sets of numbers that sum to zero. To do this, players take turns drawing cards from a deck and placing them in front of them in numerical order. If a player ever creates a set of numbers that sums to zero, they collect those cards and keep them in front of them. The first player to collecting 10 zero numbers wins!

The game is simple to learn but still provides plenty of opportunity for strategic thinking.

The Zero Numbers math game for kids is a great way to teach them about numbers and math. It’s also a lot of fun! The object of the game is to get as close to zero as possible without going over. Each player takes turns rolling three dice. They then have to add up the numbers on the dice. The person with the closest number to zero without going over wins!

Zero Numbers is a math game for kids

This is a really simple game that even young kids can understand and play. it’s a great way for them to learn about probability and simple addition. Plus, it’s just plain fun! If you’re looking for a math game that your kids will actually enjoy playing, look no further than Zero Numbers!

Zero Numbers is a math game for kids that’s both fun and educational! In the game, players must identify the number that’s missing from a given equation. For example, if the equation is “2+__=5”, the answer would be “3”.

Players can use any math operation to solve the equations, so it’s a great way to learn or review basic arithmetic. Zero Numbers is also adjustably difficulty, so it can be challenging for more advanced math students as well. Best of all, it’s free to play online! So check it out and see how high of a score you can get!

Author: Donald Young