Whack An Answer


Whack An Answer is a game for kids that helps them learn how to spell words. The game consists of a series of questions, and each question has a corresponding letter. Kids have to whack the letter that corresponds to the answer to the question.

This is a great game for kids who are learning how to spell, as it helps them practice their spelling skills in a fun and interactive way. Additionally, Whack An Answer also teaches kids about basic grammar concepts, such as nouns and verbs. So, not only will your child learn how to spell words correctly, but they’ll also learn about the different parts of speech.

Whack An Answer is a game for kids

Whack an Answer is a game for kids that helps to improve their vocabulary skills. They are given a word and they have to find the definition of the word. They can then use the definition to help them whack the word balloons. It’s a fun and educational game that helps kids learn new words and their definitions.

Whack An Answer is a game designed to help kids learn how to spell. They are given a list of words and they have to whack the correct letter for each word. It’s a fun way for kids to learn, and it helps them improve their spelling skills.

Author: Donald Young