Twisting Cube


Twisting Cube is a math game for kids that helps them learn to count, add, and subtract. The game is played with a cube that has numbers on each of its six faces. The object of the game is to twist the cube so that the numbers on all of the faces add up to a certain number (usually 10 or 20).

The game can be played solo or with multiple players. To play solo, the player would start by twisting the cube so that all of the numbers on the top faces add up to 10 (or 20). Then, they would turn over the cube and repeat the process on the bottom faces.

Hello! The game “Twisting Cube” is a fun, competitive math game for kids that can be played both individually and in teams. The object of the game is to twist and turn the cube so that each side has only one color. Players can either use the included dice or play without them. The cube comes with three different difficulties- easy, medium, and hard. We hope you enjoy playing “Twisting Cube”!

The Twisting Cube math game for kids

The Twisting Cube math game for kids is a great way to help them learnabout basic concepts like shapes, colors, and numbers. It’s also a lot of fun!

Here’s how it works: each player gets a color-coded cube, with different numbers on each side. Toss all the cubes into the center of the play area. Then, take turns rolling a die. Whatever number you roll, you have to move that many cubes clockwise around the central space.

If you land on your own cube, you can keep going. But if you land on another player’s cube, their turn starts instead of yours!

Author: Nancy Smith