Tricky Cups


Tricky Cups Free Online Game For Children

The Tricky Cups game involves multicolored plastic cups, which the players must turn over in order to transfer the ball from one cup to another. The trick is to calculate the slope between the two containers. If the ball lands in the wrong one, it falls into the other cup.

To play, the children start with the blue cup on top. They must then stack the remaining cups to make a single stack or pyramid. Depending on their age, eight to twelve cups may be used. In the game, the goal is to have as many cups pointed in the right direction as possible at the end of the game.

Tricky Cups is similar to the classic carnival game, where players must guess which cup contains a ball. The game is easy at first, but quickly ramps up in difficulty. This makes it difficult even for skilled players. While this game is fun for all ages, it is not suitable for players who want to gamble or play for money.

Tricky Cups can be used to teach students about numbers. Students can pull a colored cup to place a number of objects in that cup. Counting cups are also a great way to teach one-to-one correspondence. Two-color counters are another useful tool. In addition, students can solve equations using tiles and put the answer in a matching cup. There are endless possibilities for learning with this game!

Tricky Cups is an excellent game for elementary school children. It is a fun and educational game, and kids can compete to be the tallest tower. Using mini plastic cups, they can stack them on top of each other to score points. If they fail to get a tower to the top, they must restart the game all over again.

Tricky Cups also encourages children to be more aware of the objects. They can see different objects under each cup, and can identify what belongs under each one. If they’re not sure, they can ask for clarification or replace the cups with the correct ones. Children can also touch the toys and say their names.

Author: Donald Young