Thinking Blocks Ratios


Thinking Blocks Ratios Free Online Game For Children

Thinking Blocks Ratios is a fun, educational game that teaches kids proportional reasoning. It introduces 6 different problem-solving models and helps them visualize number relationships. It is best for children ages 10 and up. The game is free and features two problem sets. However, to unlock additional levels, you’ll need to purchase an in-app purchase.

Using blocks as the main object, the game provides an interactive environment for kids to solve advanced math concepts. They can use their blocks to multiply numbers on the board or work on word problems. This helps kids transition from arithmetic thinking to algebraic. The website has a simple navigation system and children can click on the type of math problem they want to work on.

Thinking Blocks Ratios is an online math game for kids. It allows kids to build models with blocks and solve word problems. The program includes videos to guide kids through each step. In addition, it allows kids to design their own word problems. The game also helps kids practice their skills by providing practice and reinforcement on solving word problems.

Author: Donald Young