Thinking Blocks Addition and Subtraction


Thinking Blocks Addition and Subtraction Free Game For Kids

Developed by educators, Thinking Blocks uses the concept of blocks to teach basic math concepts to kids. This game is easy to navigate and is designed for younger children. The site has a Common Core standards alignment chart and includes a variety of problem-solving activities. For example, you can use the game to help kids model math word problems, including addition and subtraction.

Designed for children between 6 and nine, this game is fun and effective at helping children learn the four basic arithmetic operations. It features questions about partitioning, ordering, digit values, and rounding. In addition, the game covers fractions and doubles.

In addition to teaching addition and subtraction, this game teaches children about place value. As a result, the student is encouraged to group objects in tens and hundreds. In addition, the game can also teach the commutative property of multiplication.

As a result, this game has an arcade-style look, which makes it easy for children to grasp. It is also designed for use in the classroom. Children can play this game with a partner or alone. The app offers a variety of levels, which will keep them interested.

Author: Donald Young