TextMaths (Negative)


TextMaths (Negative) Game For Kids

The TextMaths Negative game for children is a fun way to reinforce math concepts with your children. The game helps kids understand how negative numbers work and how to add and subtract them. As your child progresses, they can earn bonuses by learning more about the math concepts.

The Text Maths Negative game has a full-screen HTML5 design and is responsive to any device. While the game is challenging, it does not feel like a child’s toy – it’s actually a very challenging game for both kids and adults. It features a minimalist flat design and an impact font.

TextMaths Negative is a great way for kids to learn about positive and negative numbers, as well as spatial relationships. It teaches skip-counting, multiplication, and even graphing. It also teaches children how to think of numbers, even if they aren’t ready to write them down yet. The game is designed for young kids, but can be enjoyed by older students as well.

In addition to using positive and negative numbers, this game also helps kids learn how to use fractions to simplify mixed and whole numbers. Kids can learn to convert a fraction into a whole number by rolling a die or flipping a coin. The number they get is compared to the number that the other player got.

Author: Donald Young