Swing Monkey


Swing Monkey Fun Game For Kids

Swing Monkey game enables kids to learn energy principles, including how to convert energy from one form to another. This game also teaches kids how to measure forces and determine the best time to let go. It also involves physics and can be played anywhere, making it an excellent choice for young kids.

The game is simple to play and can teach kids a lot about the physics law. Unlike other games, Swing Monkey does not cost money to play. It is a simple pastime that is free to download and play. The game will help kids pass the time while teaching them some life lessons and the law of gravity.

Swing Monkey is an action-packed game, which requires the players to use their body weight to jump on the trampolines. In addition to jumping, the monkey can also jump off trampolines. In order to jump off of the trampolines, the monkey must click and hold the nearest ring, then swing back and release. The higher the speed, the higher the monkey’s chances of reaching the other ring.

Author: Donald Young