Sushi Matching


Sushi Matching Fun Game For Kids

Sushi Matching is a fun and challenging match-3 puzzle game that involves matching sushi pieces with each other. In each level, players try to reach a target number of matches. They can use power-ups to help them reach the target. Power-ups can be anything from bombs to time-stopping hourglasses. The more pieces you match, the higher your score!

The game is played with your finger as a mouse. The aim is to match 3 identical sushi rolls to clear your quota before the timer runs out. You can choose between full-screen or windowed mode. The screen will also display the current score and quota. The game has several levels, each unlocked sequentially. To unlock the next level, you must complete the previous one. If you do not meet the quota, you can replay previous levels.

This game can be enjoyed alone or with a group of friends. The wooden sushi are great pretend-play props as well. Sushi Matching is a fun, educational game for kids of all ages! Unlike some games that require the player to play with the keyboard, this one is designed for a kid’s attention span.

Sushi Matching requires basic math skills and is appropriate for kids six and older. The puzzles are challenging but easy to learn. The game also requires some strategic thinking. The player needs to make sure that they solve the equations in the correct order. When the monster is filled, they’ll receive three stars.

Author: Donald Young