Sum Stacks


Sum Stacks Kids Math Online Game

A Sums Stacks game for kids is a fun way to practice addition and subtraction skills. This activity will build a child’s number sense and develop their strategy to solve problems. The game includes five random sets of numbers, and the player must drag and drop values between them to form a whole number. For each puzzle that is solved, the player is rewarded with a smiley face.

The game is designed for children from four years old and up. As the levels increase, the game becomes increasingly difficult. The goal is to get as close to zero as possible, while using your knowledge of math to solve these problems. The game is free and can be played online with a child’s computer.

The game begins by having students pair up and flip two cards. The first student to multiply or add the two cards with the other student wins. The game continues until all of the cards are used. The player with the highest total of cards wins. It can be played alone or as a group and involves the use of math cards.

It’s easy to play, but challenging to master. This game also requires timing and skill to get the highest score possible. It’s suitable for kids of all ages, with the exception of very young children. This game requires a good timing to complete each level. It’s best for kids who are at least four years old.

Author: Donald Young