Sum Shapes


Sum Shapes Interactive Math Game for Kids

This geometric puzzle game is a great way to introduce children to geometry while having fun. The game requires two or more players to rotate a wheel that displays three different sections. Each section displays a different geometrical attribute. A player’s goal is to match the properties of each section with the correct shape. The game gradually increases the complexity and introduces concepts such as symmetry.

For younger children, the game may be modified with ‘clues’. A clue might include ’50 is an even number, divisible by two and five, and equal to two quarters’. Alternatively, the game may be played with a series of numbers.

The game involves using coins and different coloured counters. Players take turns to pick the cards and work out the answer. The player who covers four in a row wins. It only takes a few minutes to set up and play. In this way, kids learn about maths and develop problem-solving skills.

This game is designed for kids in KS2 and up. Players must use at least two of their six cards to reach a total. Then, they must combine two or three cards to get the sum. The goal is to be the first to reach the correct number or the closest person after a set amount of time.

Author: Donald Young