Sum Links 2


Sum Links 2 Online Game For Children

If you’re looking for a great educational game for kids, you might be wondering what Sum Links is all about. This game will not only teach your child the basics of math, but will also challenge them to use their minds. The game doesn’t focus on adventures, but on thinking and judging situations. It doesn’t require advanced math skills, and the operations aren’t complicated either. Regardless, kids of all ages can benefit from playing this game.

The basic idea is that kids learn to add numbers by using logic. Instead of typing, they move a mouse to move the links and connect numbers in the correct order. In addition, they can add and subtract by using place value. The game also increases in difficulty as your child progresses through the levels.

You can play the game with flash cards that teach addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The math facts can be any level or type. You can play with the entire class, or in small groups of three or four players. The game can be played in five to 20 minutes, depending on the age of your students.

The sum of the squares is the total of the squares that have matching numbers. In this game, students must use their math skills to create equations that will meet the target. In order to win, they need to make sure they get the right sum column and connect numbers in the right order.

Author: Donald Young