Sum Blocks


Sum Blocks Interactive Math Game for Kids

The Sum Blocks game is a non-digital game that encourages gamification and video game inspired thinking. The game uses blocks with different heights that add up to a given number. Young children can use the game as a fun way to learn basic arithmetic and develop their vocabulary at the same time.

This game is available in two sizes – the mini version and the original one. The mini version is 50% smaller and contains 70% more blocks. The blocks are made in metric measurements, meaning the number 1 block is 1cm and the number 2 is 2cm. The game also includes a slew of activity cards that are great for expanding a child’s imagination.

The game allows children to practice basic addition facts like “7 + 4 equals 11”. This game encourages children to use clear language and reasoning to solve basic addition problems and addition word problems. It also helps them develop a better understanding of place value, which is important for math learning. Moreover, the game allows children to compare whole numbers with one another, so that they can understand how they relate to one another and the larger whole.

The third graders learn the meaning of numbers and how to express them. Using place value blocks, they can connect written symbols and numbers. They can also create a logical representation of a math problem. In addition, the game also helps children learn how to add within the 1000-unit mark. They also have the opportunity to play with place value cutouts and blocks as math aids.

Author: Donald Young