Stretch Sums


Stretch Sums Online Game For Children

Stretch Sums is a great puzzle game that involves stretching numbers. This is a skill that is necessary throughout life and can be applied to many things, including math. The game requires players to stretch numbers in four different directions, covering a range of predetermined values. The numbers can be anything from two to twenty, as long as they are within the range.

Before playing the game, students divide the flash cards evenly among all the players. Then, the players throw the cards on the count of three. The first card to be drawn that is higher than the other card wins all the cards in the game. The game can be played with any type of math fact and any skill level.

The game also allows children to build their spatial awareness. For example, they can try to calculate the area of a circle. This is an excellent way to engage kids in math. This game can be used as an introduction to addition or subtraction. It’s also a great way to encourage teamwork.

To play the game, students stand in a circle. They count out loud until one hundred. The first person to say the number correctly wins the round. Then, students take turns rolling the dice, taking the number as a one or a ten. If the number rolled is a five, the student should take it as a five or a fifty. Then, they keep track of their totals.

The two-player game is a great way for kids to practice their math skills and develop an understanding of different types of mathematical equations. It can also be used to teach simple concepts like adding and subtracting coins. By using the game of Exponent Battle, children can also learn about fractions and subtraction.

It is similar to the old-school geoboards used in classrooms. The difference is that children guide their own learning through this web app. This allows kids to experiment with shapes, fractions, and geometry. They can also write equations using the text tool. The game is perfect for younger kids because it gets them out of the house and expends energy.

This game is very challenging. Children can use addition, subtraction, and multiplication skills to solve the math equations. The difficulty of the game depends on the child’s math ability. While this game is a great choice for toddlers and preschoolers, it can also be used for older children.

Author: Donald Young