Stick Jump


Stick Jump Fun Game For Kids

The game of stick ball is usually played with five sticks but can be played with three or four sticks. The sticks can be decorated with beads or feathers. The object of the game is to jump through the sticks and land on the other side of the sticks. The first person to jump through the sticks wins.

The game was originally played by young boys as a form of memory training before they went hunting. These days, children of all ages play the game. It can also be played with a log. The player starts by aiming for a platform that is blue, and then has to remember the colors on the platform to earn bonus scores. Inputing the correct colors will double the player’s score.

A pogo stick is another fun game that kids love. These games are simple and require basic items from around the house. Kids love jumping on any surface, and this game can get them out and getting some exercise. The pogo stick is usually placed close to the ground so that it is safe to jump on it. These games are also designed so that children of different weight levels can participate.

Author: Donald Young