Star and Coins


Star and Coins is a game for kids that helps them learn about money and counting. It’s simple to learn and play, and it’s a great way for kids to practice their math skills. Plus, it’s just plain fun! Here’s how the game works:

Each player gets a star shaped piece of paper, and on each point of the star they write a different value (1, 2, 5, 10 etc). They then take turns rolling a dice, and move around the star according to the number they rolled. When they land on a space with a coin on it, they take the coin and put it in their hand. The first player to collect 10 coins wins!

Star and Coins is a game for kids that helps them learn about numbers, counting, and basic math. It’s a really fun game that my kids love to play. Here’s how it works:

Each player gets two Star Tokens to start with. On each turn, a player can either pick up one or more coins from the middle of the table, or they can trade in one or more of their Star Tokens for new ones. In order to trade in Star Tokens, the player must first have at least three of them.

Star and Coins is a game for kids

If at any time a player has 10 or more coins, they must trade in half of their coins for Star Tokens (rounded down).

Star and Coins is a basic matching game for young children. The object of the game is to find two identical pictures among a group of cards. The player flips over one card at a time, looking for a match. If they find one, they set it aside. If not, they turn the card back over and try again with the next one. The game is won by finding all of the matches.

Star and Coins can be played with any number of players, but is usually played by two or more people. There is no minimum or maximum age for playing this game, but it is generally suitable for younger kids due to its simple rules and gameplay.

Author: Donald Young