Speed Type


Speed Type math is an online game that helps children develop their math skills. The object of the game is to type as many numbers as possible within a certain time limit. By playing this game, children will learn to improve their speed and accuracy in addition to practicing basic math facts.

Speed Type is a math game that challenges you to type the correct answer as quickly as possible. The faster you type, the more points you earn. You can play Speed Type against the clock or against another player.

Speed Type math game is an online flash game

Speed Type math game is an online flash game that helps improve your typing speed and accuracy. The premise of the game is simple: type as fast and as accurately as you can to complete the given mathematical equations. As you advance through the levels, the equations become more difficult, and you must type faster to complete them within the time limit. Speed Type math game is a great way to improve your typing skills while also practicing your math facts.

Author: Nancy Smith