Space Match 3


Space Match 3 Online Game For Kids

If you’re a fan of space and the wonders of the universe, then your child will love the new game Space Match. This memory-boosting game lets kids get to know the astronauts who have been on missions to explore space. It also helps them learn about the history of exploration.

It’s easy to play. Simply close your eyes and match planets to numbers on the board. Kids can practice matching skills and learn the names of planets. There are printable solar system cards, too. Laminating these cards will make them last longer. Use them for matching games, memory games, or even a word wall.

The game can be played alone or with others. It helps your child develop memory and recognition skills. The images are attractive and the game will help your child develop imaginations. They’ll love making stories with the images in this game. What’s more, they’ll love matching space themed pictures.

The game is a simple match-up game, but it’s not your average matching game. It’s also full of links and galaxy-themed fun. The objective is to link as many matching planets as possible. You can use horizontal, vertical, and diagonal links. Increasing the number of matches you can find will increase your time and points.

Author: Donald Young