Space Graph


Space Graph Interactive Game for Kids

Space Graph is a fun game for kids to play. All you need is a graph of color combinations and a spinner. Have your child spin the spinner to guess the color and then place the bears on the graph. Once the graph is full, the child wins.

Space Graph is a game for two to four players. Each player has a different colored pencil. When a player rolls the dice, he/she marks the space where the number is rolled on the graph. Repeat this process until no space is left. Each player takes turns spinning.

When teaching graphing to children, it’s important to select a game that’s appropriate for their age. For example, if the students are in the preschool stage, they should choose a game that involves color. This will get them active and involved with math. They’ll also have fun learning their graphing skills.

Another excellent math game is making a number line. This can be done outdoors using sidewalk chalk or indoors with painter’s tape. This game allows children to learn how to multiply, divide, and add numbers. They can also move from one space to another while throwing balls to the target.

Author: Donald Young