Sir Coins A Lot 2


Sir Coins A Lot 2 Free Maths Game for Kids

If you’re looking for a game for your kids that teaches them about the values of money, you should check out Sir Coins A Lot. The game is a simple puzzle and arcade game, and it’s available for both PCs and mobile devices. As the name suggests, the goal of the game is to collect coins as fast as possible. You can play Sir Coins A Lot online for free!

The game plays like a word search, but with coins. Students must match values from a value bank to the ones on their screen. For example, if the value bank contains $1.50, the student has to find two half-dollars and two quarters, which add up to the sum of $1.50. This is a good practice game, as it helps kids practice adding and subtracting fractions.

Author: Donald Young