Shuttle Mission Workshop


Shuttle Mission Workshop Free Game For Kids

If you’re looking for a space-themed game for kids, look no further than this NASA-made simulation. The game offers a multitude of opportunities for learning about astronauts, space exploration, and other STEM subjects. The guided curriculum provides 10 hours of learning and includes activities such as building a space station, measuring distances to other worlds, and more.

In addition to the simulation of the shuttle, the game also includes activities that help kids explore our solar system. For example, they can create a cardboard space shuttle using planet cards and free printable constellations. Another activity is a balloon-powered space rover. This game gives kids a chance to explore the asteroid belt and simulate the work of NASA astronauts.

Another activity that helps kids learn time is to make a simple sundial. This activity will help them build scientific observation skills by helping them monitor the sun’s movement. Another space-themed activity is to build a model solar system. There are hundreds of different designs to choose from. Kids can also create their own moon phase toys using construction paper and clear plastic cups.

Author: Donald Young