Shuttle Mission Junior


Shuttle Mission Junior Free Maths Game for Kids

For your little astronauts, there is a new space-themed game that they can play online! The game is called Mission: Astronaut, and it has been designed to help children of all ages learn about space travel and science. The game features lots of hands-on activities, such as building shuttle models. You can also print space shuttle posters to hang on your wall.

The game includes several fun activities that will keep your children occupied and learning! For example, the kids can dress up as astronauts, or even a scarecrow! They can also play the game in their classroom, and there are several space-themed ideas available. Lastly, they can learn about NASA’s missions, and learn about how the astronauts get to space.

If you’d like to give your kids a closer look at the space shuttle, NASA offers a kids’ club, which has a variety of free activities for kids to participate in. Besides playing the game, kids can also watch videos and do science experiments. They can also try making their own moon phases toys, such as pom-pom asteroids. Another fun activity is a balloon-powered space rover simulation. This is an excellent game for kids interested in exploring outer space.

Author: Donald Young