Scratch and Sniff


Scratch and Sniff Game For Children

Scratch and Sniff is an interactive game where kids can scratch, sniff, and guess. The main objective of the game is to get the viewer to guess the creature in Sniff’s pants. The viewer can win the game if he or she is able to guess the creature correctly.

To make the game, kids can decorate construction paper flowers and add essential oils or perfume. They can also draw stems and leaves using scented markers. Next, they can spread a thin layer of glue onto heavy paper or cardboard and then sprinkle different flavours of gelatin on it. Then, kids can scratch and sniff different parts of the glue, attempting to guess the scent.

Another idea is to place different liquids on cotton balls. These can then be placed inside glass bottles. Children can then sniff the different smells and name the items that they find. They can also state what the smell reminds them of. For example, the smell of cinnamon could make them think of apple pie. Once they’ve identified all the different smells, they can match them to pictures and describe what they smell. Alternatively, they can watch a YouTube video about certain smells.

Scratch and Sniff is a popular game among children. In fact, it’s used in many different types of advertising. In advertising, it can capture scents of a new car, a rubber tire, a flower, or even a new batch of detergent. In addition to toys, there are also scratch-and-sniff books and stickers that use the same idea.

The game is a fun activity for children of all ages. It is also educational as it teaches kids about the nature of various objects. It has a number of fascinating facts. An African lungfish, for instance, can survive out of water for four years. The game teaches kids about the importance of odor, smell, and taste. They can even make connections to other objects, like the St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Author: Donald Young