Santa’s Helper


Santa’s Helper Math Game for Kids

The goal of the What is Santa s Helper game for children is to collect all the presents on the puzzle in time to deliver them to Santa. To accomplish this, use the arrow keys or buttons to move around the puzzle. Remember not to visit the same spot twice!

You play as an elf who is trying to become the best helper ever. The game is based on the Christmas tradition of Santa Claus delivering gifts to children. The player will see a house’s roof in front of them and then watch as elves come out of the chimney to deliver the gifts. When they arrive, one of the elves will fly towards the chimney while the other elf will stand on the ground holding a gift. Players must be able to calculate the right moment to catch the box and throw it into the chimney.

The game has six fun & educational activities for children. You can use the Christmas spirit to get your kid involved and enjoy the festive season with his family! You can also make your own reindeer by using a paper plate and decorating it with a triangle hat and cotton balls for a beard. Then, the child can place his or her face in the center. You can also purchase Reindeer play dough invitations from The Kids Craft Room and Reindeer Pinecones from Getting Mess With Ms. Jessi. If you’d like to make a reindeer from paper, you can find a printable reindeer foot and hand from Busy Bee Kids Crafts.

Author: Donald Young