Santa Rescue


Santa Rescue Free Game For Children

Santa Rescue is a puzzle game where players have to solve a puzzle in order to rescue Santa and collect his presents. It’s filled with challenging pin challenges that will test your wits, IQ, and logic. This game is sure to please kids. It’s a great way to get them excited about Christmas.

This game is designed for kids aged five and up, and it’s a perfect way for them to get excited about the season. Children can take part by solving puzzles and finding clues. This way, they can help Santa solve the mystery. Once the mystery is solved, the kids can go on to enjoy the Christmas season.

This game was developed with HTML5 so it runs on most web browsers. It’s also optimized for mobile devices like Android and iOS. Since it runs directly in the browser, it doesn’t require downloads or registration. In addition, it doesn’t require flash or plugins.

This game involves solving multiple fun levels in the North Pole. You’ll need to cure Rudolph from his illness, save Santa and his helpers, and solve funny problems. There’s also a challenge in the Gift Factory, where you have to wrap gifts fast and efficiently in order to get all the presents to Santa.

The game has several levels and features a collection of tools. Children can wrap presents and win presents with their skills. The app includes eight different Christmas levels and includes 22 awesome tools for the player to use. In addition, the game features 3 fun characters and a challenging mini game. It’s great for Christmas time with the kids.

Author: Donald Young