Rotation Painter


Rotation Painter Interactive Math Game for Kids

This fun activity encourages children to make and explore their own art. It uses the concept of rotation to inspire creativity. A variety of objects, such as a tricycle or a bicycle, can be placed on a rotating course. The child can roll the objects up and down the course, or experiment with different gradients.

Rotational objects are a natural part of the world, and your child might already be interested in spinning things around. It’s easy to encourage children to explore this concept by letting them wind objects around sticks. They can even add leaves and feathers to create beautiful patterns.

Kids can also enjoy spinning paint or mud with salad spinners. Many of these games are fun to play in role-play areas, or in construction zones. The best part is that they support rotation schemas. If you have a preschooler, consider buying this game for him or her.

This colorful game for children is designed to promote symmetry while teaching children to make symmetrical creations. A colorful garden is the backdrop to the whimsical game, and children can guide the circular objects to create a variety of pictures. With the help of colors and patterns, kids can design their own artwork to add to the gallery.

Author: Donald Young