Red Interactive Game for Kids

This What is Red game for kids involves a traffic cop. The traffic cop calls out green and red lights. The children are required to turn around when the light turns red. The game is repeated until someone tags It. When the light turns green, they can continue moving forward. If they don’t, they must turn back around and begin at the start.

You can purchase red paint chips at a local hardware store. Make sure to get at least two of each color. You can also choose red fabrics and scarves. The children can then match the colors in a picture book or with a magnifying glass. This game can also be played indoors or at night with flashlights.

This popular kids’ playground game is also known as red rover. The objective of the game is to call a player from the opposite team to their side. There are rules and a definite order to the game. First, you choose your teams. Once you’ve done that, you should form a line across the play area and face the other team.

Author: Donald Young