Recycle Now


It’s a game designed to help kids learn basic math recycling! The object of the game is to collect as many recyclables as possible and then sort them into the proper recycling bins. Players will learn about the benefits of recycling, reduce litter in their neighborhoods, and earn points for every correctly sorted item. This game is perfect for elementary school classrooms or at home with friends and family. Give it a try today!

Recycle Now math game for kids is a great way to teach children about recycling and conservation. The game is designed to be fun and interactive, while also educational. It helps kids learn about sorting trash into different bins, keeping track of what goes where, and the benefits of recycling. The game is appropriate for kids aged 4-10.

Recycle Now math game for kids

Recycle Now math game for kids is a recycling themed math game that helps teach basic addition, subtraction, and multiplication principles to young children. The object of the game is to correctly answer as many math problems as possible in order to earn points and reach the target score. The game is designed for kids aged 5-8, but can be enjoyed by anyone who loves math and recycling!

Author: Donald Young