Rainbow Tower


Rainbow Tower Online Game For Kids

Rainbow Towers is a math activity that requires students to stack towers of various colors. Students then write an addition sentence on each color’s tower. This activity can be used as a whole class activity or for small group work. It also works well as an after-school tutoring activity.

Rainbow Towers are a great way to teach kids about color and shape. These stacking toys are made of natural wood with smooth edges and are painted with non-toxic water-based paint. They’re safe for both girls and boys. Moreover, they promote hand-eye coordination and development of fine motor skills.

There are two variations of the Rainbow Tower game. One version shows a rainbow with a domino inside. The other version has the same idea except that students must build towers for the right and left sides of the domino. Once they have finished, they have to join the two towers together to form a cube-shaped tower.

Author: Donald Young