Rain Dots


Rain Dots Online Game For Children

This colorful game is fun for kids of all ages. Using your finger, match the dots to reveal the matching color. As the dots fall, they make fun popping sounds and are visually appealing. With settings that let you adjust the speed of the dots falling, this game promotes visual tracking, eye-hand coordination, and color matching.

Kids can ask questions of their own and try to figure out the game’s mechanics. They can also draw a sample game board and try puzzles. Once they have the basics of the game, they can try harder questions. This is an excellent opportunity for kids to develop their imagination and a love of learning.

The app is easy to use and is perfect for preschoolers. With simple instructions and a colorful interface, children can easily learn how to connect the dots. They can also customize the dots to show upper or lower case alphabet letters or even and odd numbers. Once they are able to connect the dots, the next one will light up.

Author: Donald Young