Puzzle Pics Fractions


Puzzle Pics Fractions Free Game For Kids

Puzzle Pics Fractions game for kids is a great way for children to practice fractions while playing. Each fraction has a picture that goes along with it, and you can find them by placing them in the proper spot on a grid. The game also has shapes that are divided into two, three, and four equal shares. In addition to this, fractions can be represented by a number on the number line.

The kids can use these puzzles to build fractions as they solve them. They can also help them build their understanding of addition by modeling it using food items. This helps kids verbalize their understanding of how the different parts add up to a whole. They can also verbalize what the pie portion is worth when it is combined.

This game encourages students to use the fraction linear model and fraction strips as visual aids. Each challenge has a different objective. To complete a level, they must get all their markers to the right side of the game board. This is a challenging but fun way to learn fractions.

Author: Donald Young