Puzzle Ball


Puzzle Ball Math Game for Kids

Puzzle Ball is a fun and engaging game that keeps kids occupied and engaged for hours. It develops hand-eye coordination and encourages logical thinking skills, which are important for a growing child. It also helps kids develop color sensitivity. It’s an excellent game for the car, playground, or even at home.

This fidget puzzle toy comes in a beautiful gift box. Its brightly colored balls will keep kids entertained for a long time. The color-changing puzzle ball is made of plastic that is non-toxic and lightweight. There are 11 balls inside the toy, and your job is to match them to the corresponding colored rings on the outer shell.

The colorful balls in this game must be guided into the correct holes, and this requires patience and skills. The game offers over 150 puzzles. It requires skill, creativity, and patience to solve. You can also try using a finger to draw the puzzles, which will challenge your child’s brain.

Author: Donald Young