Push Pull Blocks


Push Pull Blocks Interactive Game for Kids

A Push Pull Blocks game is an excellent activity for toddlers to help them learn about forces and motion. Each of the blocks comes with specific instructions that players need to follow to move it from one position to the next. By following these rules, your toddler will quickly learn how to balance their bodies and understand motion and forces.

To make this game more fun and interactive, you can let your child experiment with pushing objects around the room. You can use soda bottles or balls to push. Try pushing the ball at different speeds to compare the difference. You can also let them experiment with pulling a light rope or basket. This will help them understand how objects change their motion when they collide.

When students complete their activity, they will observe the motion of the ball and record the distance it travels. You can give them a Student Activity Sheet to document their findings. These worksheets allow kids to explore nonstandard measurement and document their own creations. This activity is also a good way to learn about distance and the different types of measurement.

Author: Donald Young