Professor X and the FactorBots


Professor X and the FactorBots Free Math Game for Kids

The Professor X and the FactorBots video game is a popular way for kids to learn how to multiply numbers. The game includes an interactive board that helps students learn the factors and multiples of numbers. It’s designed to be played as a whole class activity.

The game’s story revolves around Charles Xavier, a mutant. Mutants are born with superhuman abilities and are not considered normal humans. Charles Xavier is a member of this subspecies and runs the X-Mansion in Salem Center, where mutants can learn and develop.

Professor X is a genius with multiple doctorates and is a world expert on mutation. He has vast knowledge in various fields and has developed fast responses to various threats. His invention, the Cerebro, is a scientific marvel. He also has a Ph.D. in Psychiatry.

Author: Donald Young