Place Value Party


Place Value Party Kids Math Online Game

If you are planning to throw a birthday party for your child, you can plan a Place Value Party. The game consists of playing a game that teaches place value while having fun. The children will learn the value of tens, hundreds, and ones by comparing numbers. You can even incorporate a Place Value Song to encourage the students to get involved.

Another great idea is to have the children practice their place values with uncooked spaghetti. The kids will be able to learn how to count in the hundreds, thousands, and even the thousands. This is a great way to reinforce math concepts while having fun. One game involves placing cheerios on a tower and arranging them in a row depending on the number they are thinking of. For example, if they have 240 in their mind, they must arrange three towers, two in the hundred place, four in the tens place, and none in the one place.

Another place value party game is to play a game called “Place Value Crowns”. Each child wears a different number. Other games that involve place value include Place Value Pop, where students are given a task and have to solve it as a class. Another game is “Have a Piece of Place Value Cake.” For this game, students create a cake in the shape of a number. This game is great for preschoolers and older kids.

A Place Value Flip Book can also help young children work with large numbers. Another fun way to teach kids place value is through manipulating colored pasta. Another game that teaches kids to recognize the place values of numbers is a “place value scavenger hunt” in which kids have to search for items in the house. These simple games are great for preschool math learning. They are also great for snack time.

Author: Donald Young