Pingu and Friends


Pingu and Friends Interactive Math Game for Kids

The Pingu and Friends game is a simple but adorable arcade game. The game involves jumping on levels and catching blocks that fly onto the screen. As you collect eggs and earn higher scores, you can unlock new levels, new friends and coins. The game is easy to pick up, and your kids will love it!

The game is based on the popular BBC clay-mated animated children’s show, Pingu. You play as a penguin with multiple friends. The object is to get the egg, and you must jump on obstacles. Be sure to avoid falling, or else you’ll get stuck.

In addition to a fun adventure, this game is also a great learning tool. Children learn a variety of skills while playing this game, including early geography and maths. They can play it on a PC or Mac. It also works on mobile devices. And it is not only fun for kids but can be a great way to teach kids about the wonders of science.

Pingu was originally a segment of the children’s TV show The Book Place, which later aired episodes on ABC Television. The animated series has also been broadcast on Hindi-speaking channels, including Doordarshan, Hungama TV, and Animax. Various countries around the world have also aired episodes of the show. In Kenya, the Pingu show was aired on KBC, and in South Africa, it aired on OKto and in 2003. In New Zealand, the Pingu cartoon was also shown on Four.

The show follows the life of a penguin family in an igloo. The main character of the show, Pingu, lives with his sister Pinga, and often gets into mischief with friends Robby and Pingi. The name of the series comes from the German word “pinguin”, which is not surprising considering the playful nature of Pingu. He is also stubborn and prone to throwing tantrums.

Author: Donald Young