Piggy Roll


Piggy Roll Free Online Game For Kids

The classic nursery rhyme “This Little Piggy” has been a delight to children for generations, and the Piggy Roll game is a delightful way to reinforce your child’s rapidly developing language skills while providing quality connection time between you and your child. In addition, your child’s sense of humor is growing, and this fun game can encourage this development in your little one.

The game features physics-based gameplay, where you need to use your fingers to tap the pig in order to roll it across the game field. As you roll your pig, try to collect stars or reach the candy basket. You’ll be challenged in higher levels by deadly spikes and a switch that reverses gravity. You can also try the similar Candy Pig, which uses its legs to pull itself across the game field. There are nine levels, and you can replay any level as many times as you like.

Each turn, you throw two model pigs, each with a dot on one side. Depending on where your pigs land, you’ll earn or lose points. You can stop your turn after adding up your turn score, or you can pass the pigs to the next player to start the next round. The winner of the game is the player with the highest total score.

Pass the Pigs is a fun game for all ages. The goal is to be the first player to collect 100 points. To earn points, you must roll two pigs and land them in the right places. If you don’t land in these positions, you’ll have to start over again to get 100 points.

Author: Donald Young