Piece of Pie


Piece of Pie Interactive Math Game for Kids

Piece of Pie is a fun game for the whole family. It teaches kids about fractions visually and in a friendly environment. The game can be played by younger children, but is challenging enough for older players as well. The game’s friendly theme also makes it easy to teach to younger children.

The game has a simple but effective rulebook. Players must take turns drafting pieces of pie from the pie pies that are placed in the center of the table. To score points, players must place the pie pieces in the correct pattern. The objective cards include public and secret objective cards. This allows for a lot of strategic play. In addition, kids can practice their critical thinking skills. This is especially useful when teaching kids about fractions.

The game has simple rules, and it can be played by a family. Players take turns selecting pies from a central tableau to try to fulfill certain objectives and score the most points. Its production quality is also impressive, with tiles that are easy to recognize and intuitive iconography. The game is packaged in an attractive, colorful box designed to resemble a pie.

The game can also be used as a therapy tool. A large circle can be divided into pie-slice shapes and the children are asked to count the pieces. They can then make a pie graph using the shapes and colors of the circles. It can even be used as a reinforcement for homework.

Piece of Pie is a game of strategic placement and matching. The goal is to get the most pairs of three similar shapes. The player who acquires the most pairs of three similar shapes wins the game. There are four pieces with the shapes in them, two hearts and one star. After this, the player scores five points for each set of three pieces.

The game can be played with one or more players. Players take turns selecting the pieces. If the first player is the oldest, he or she must remove all overdone bottom pieces. Then, players will add pieces to the middle table. The game is played clockwise. If there are three players, the oldest starts the game.

The game is a fun one for children. It is a fun way to teach kids to count. You’ll learn about numbers and shapes. In addition, it teaches kids to share. A game of this nature also develops their patience. When you’re looking for a fun game for children, don’t overlook a variation or two. A variation that will keep your kids interested is the Easter Eggs variant.

Author: Donald Young