Penguin Jump Multiplication Game


Penguin Jump Multiplication Game is a great game for kids to learn multiplication. The game is simple- each player starts with a penguin on the ice, and the goal is to jump as many other penguins as possible before time runs out. For each jump, the players multiply the number of penguins they jumped by the number on their icecube. The player with the most points at the end wins!

This game is not only fun, but it’s also a great way for kids to learn their multiplication tables. By jumping multiple penguins at once, they can see how numbers can be multiplied together to get a product.

Penguin Jump Multiplication is an inventive new way for kids to learn and practice their multiplication tables! The rules are simple: using your finger, jump the penguin onto ice floes that have the correct answer to the multiplication problem. As you get higher in levels, the problems become more challenging, but there are always ways to get hints if you’re struggling. This game is not only educational but also tonnes of fun – give it a try today!

Penguin Jump Multiplication Game

Penguin Jump Multiplication Game is a fun and educational game for kids that helps them learn multiplication. It’s easy to play, and lots of fun! Here’s how it works:

Players take turns choosing a number between 1-12. They then press the spacebar to make their penguin jump up and down quickly. While the penguin is jumping, players must multiply the chosen number by 2. The first player to get the answer correct wins the round!

Not only is Penguin Jump Multiplication Game great for helping kids learn multiplication, but it’s also loads of fun! Give it a try today!

Author: Donald Young