One to Twenty


One to Twenty Fun Game For Kids

In this count-off game, kids stand in a circle and count up to twenty. After twenty, they restart at one. They can choose to start at the top of the number chart, and there are higher levels, too. However, if they are too slow, they are out. This game has many literacy and math benefits, and it is also a great partner game for learning centers.

With a variety of number games for children from preschool to first grade, learning the numbers from one to twenty can be a breeze. These games are easy to use and feature engaging animation. They teach kids the concept of counting by pairs, and the challenges make the process even more fun. They also help kids strengthen their fine motor skills and improve their beginner computer skills.

Another number recognition game for kids is the counting circle game. This game can be played backwards or forwards. This game is great for teaching children to count from a given number, and they can also play it with a toy. It can also be played with shapes, as well.

Besides tens and ones blocks, children can also make a number chain by connecting different types of objects. These objects can be used as counting chips. For example, they can create a chain with different colored cubes. When children practice counting with two different types of objects, they can gradually increase the amount of objects.

Author: Donald Young