Monsterland Challenge


Monsterland Challenge Online Game For Children

Monsterland Challenge is a game that is full of puzzles and requires player help. It has an open-ended storyline where the player needs to help the red babies reach their big mommy but there are hazards all around them. The player will have to help the red babies lay a path to the red platform and jump on the platforms to make sure they make it safely to their mommy.

It is a great puzzle game that features colorful blocks and cool sounds. The game is particularly appealing when played on a touch-screen device. While playing the game, it is important to remain patient. The more you progress, the more difficult the levels become. There are three difficulty levels.

Besides the levels, the game also has a cute alarm clock that teaches kids how to use logic. The game has 100 interesting levels, colorful worlds, and catchy brain physics puzzles. The music and the art are adorable and enchanting. The game also features a clock and the adorable comic monster blocks guarding the Senior’s rest.

Author: Donald Young