Monster Rush Tower Defense


Monster Rush Tower Defense Fun Game For Kids

Monsters are out to invade your town, and you must build defense towers to prevent them from getting in. The game is similar to Monty Python’s game, Marble Madness. But there are some differences. Instead of fighting monsters one by one, you’ll be defending your castle against the monsters’ attacks.

Monster Rush is a HTML5 game that will have you building towers and blocking incoming monsters. It will also test your reaction time. This game is free and available for mobile devices such as Android and Windows Phone. This game has received high ratings from critics and gamers alike.

Another tower defense game for kids is Plants vs Zombies. It is similar to Plants vs Zombies but with a southern theme. It has 390 single-player levels. It’s free to play, and the only fee you pay is the end game experience.

Tower defense games are a popular subgenre of strategy games. Like other tower defense games, Monster Rush requires careful planning and resource management. To survive, you must build towers and tower walls to protect your town and defeat waves of enemies. As the game progresses, you’ll find that enemies are becoming tougher, and you’ll have to improvise more effective defenses to stay alive.

Author: Donald Young