Minus Mission


Minus Mission is a game for all ages that helps players practice their math skills by using subtraction and putting together blobs of green slime. The more problems you eliminate, the higher your score will be!

In Minus Mission, blast away at green slime blobs with subtraction problems. The more you shoot them down and the faster they go up! For a fun time while practicing your math skills, this is one game worth playing over again.

Subtracting is not always easy, but it’s fun when you have friends to blame! Minus Mission will help your little one develop math skills while having a blast playing the game. They can try their hand at subtraction by shooting lasers at green slime blobs that come down from top of screen toward bottom where there’s an extra space waiting for them below laser cannon – ready and waiting so they don’t get stuck without any hope in sight like some kind souls did before us…

Author: Donald Young