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Parents and teachers often seek easy ways to make 3rd graders understand math concepts. And as students progress through grade 3, math concepts go from simple counting and additions to more complicated calculations. For some kids, this is the point where they begin to struggle with specific math concepts. Math games for grade 3 can make it easy for these kids to understand math. This article will detail how and why math games work so effectively.

What math concepts do 3rd graders learn?

Once students enter 3rd grade, they start facing more complex math problems than in the previous stages. Those math problems are not new concepts; they are often more detailed versions of the same ideas they already learned in second grade. Some of these concepts include:

Addition and subtraction

At the beginning of the third grade, students should already understand the concept of addition and subtraction. Having looked at simple, single-digit addition and subtraction in second grade, they will start learning double and triple-digit calculations in 3rd grade. They also begin to recognize different versions of the same math problem, like 7+2 being the same as 2+7.

Multiplication and division

Children will learn to multiply and divide numbers faster in the third grade. They will also learn words like ‘product’ to answer a multiplication question and ‘quotient’ for division. And third-grade lessons will include tips on dividing and multiplying without using word problems.

Skip counting

Children learn to skip count in third grade as their math lessons include counting even numbers, odd numbers, or counting by 5s and 10s. This concept helps them understand numerical classifications. So many games for third-graders have classification-based counting levels.

Other math concepts include

  • Place Value
  • Lines and angles
  • Shapes and solids
  • Decimals
  • Fractions
  • Symmetry
  • Data analysis
  • Estimating
  • Capacity and weight
  • Area and perimeter
  • Percentages
  • Circumference and diameter
  • Ordered pairs on a coordinate grid
  • Probability
  • Patterns

How do I make learning math fun for 3rd graders?

Math concepts for 3rd graders can go from interesting to boring in seconds. Using activities that would otherwise not be study-related to teach math is the trick to solving this problem. Digital elements are a learning source nowadays, and math games for 3rd graders can help teachers and parents make math fun.

Using a textbook approach to teach math to 3rd graders will tire you and them out. The children will get tired because the process is too calculative and boring, and you will get discouraged when they don’t learn much due to their disinterest in the topic. Fun math games for 3rd graders are a real game-changer in teaching approaches for teachers.

Third-graders are always looking for more exciting things to do, and unless your students are Einstein-level geniuses, you will have your work cut out for you when trying to get them to focus in math classes. You need to do something out of the ordinary to make math fun for 3rd graders, which means adding 3rd grade math games to your teaching curriculum.

Are Online 3rd-grade math games good for learning Math?

In order to simplify maths for third graders games designed according to a math concept have become teachers’ favorite tools. For example, the Product Blocks Multiplication math game for 3rd graders teaches kids to count and multiply blocks by arrays. It is an addictive puzzle game, but with each level the child fails, they learn to multiply better.

Math is complex, and sometimes even as adults, we need extra help understanding some of its concepts. However, because the adult mind can handle difficult situations, we find easier ways to get through these math problems in our minds. On the other hand, kids need assistance to learn math easily. So instead of taking away their digital devices to curb addiction, make them play free math games for 3rd graders on those devices.

Each game level these students scale through is a new lesson they learn. By spending time on a stage in a math game, they become familiar with the math concepts guiding that level. When you add that to the time you spend teaching them that concept, you will increase their understanding of the math lessons.

Reasons To Improve math skills through third-grade math games

Apart from the fact that using 3rd grade math games as a teaching tool makes math fun for the children, there are other reasons why you should use math games to improve math skills. Here are some of them:

You carry everyone along

Some kids will learn slower than others. Sometimes, it may become frustrating when one or two kids in an entire class fail to grasp a simple math concept. However, it is your job as the teacher to ensure they do. Using math games for 3rd grade children is a way to ensure that everyone in your class understands your lessons and ideas.

You get to observe their interactions with the games

When 3rd graders play math games, you have all the time you need to observe them and see who needs extra help. Sometimes, a few points might elude you when teaching the entire class, but you can change that by engaging them in math games for 3rd grade and then watching them play.

Math games encourage conversations around math.

The conversation around math should start at a very young age. But 3rd graders don’t want to sit around all day talking about math, yet they can spend time talking about math games. Math games for grade 3 kids can help improve that conversation.

Math games spur cooperation

3rd graders may ask each other how to cross a game difficulty when they encounter one. There are also math games for third graders that require two or more players, and you can make it so that the kids play against themselves. The idea is not to create competition but to encourage collaboration when using math games 3 grade.

What skills can be improved using math games for grade 3?

There are different skills that children need to learn in third grade, and math games developers target those skills when designing the games. Some of these skills are unrelated to math but are still necessary for their holistic development. So if you are unsure what skills using math games for grade 3 will improve, here are a few:

Multiplication and division

Many third grade math games online help children understand multiplying numbers. Rather than take the textbook approach with teaching multiplication, a math game can help improve this skill. The games also teach kids to divide using visual, tactile, and auditory cues.

Money skills

The concept of money may seem easy to grasp, but not for 3rd graders. Learning to calculate money is an essential skill for a 3rd grader, and games like Candy Challenge teach them to count money. And with the different banknotes like ones and tens, kids will appreciate the extra help from math games to understand financial calculations better.

Shapes and solids

To make kids understand shapes and solids better, you need math games for third graders. Many 3rd-grade children already find this concept interesting because it involves pictures, moving objects, and real-life representations. So the games will increase their interest in this concept, which is excellent.


Fractions are a complicated concept, most likely one of the most complex math concepts to teach to 3rd graders. Fortunately, there are math games for grade 3 for free online to help you prepare your 3rd graders for fractions and decimals.

Free online math games for third graders

There are a plethora of math games for grade 3 children. But if you aren’t careful, you can download the games that your students won’t benefit from. So to ensure you get the best value online, take a look at the following free online math games for third graders:

Division Derby

Division Derby entices 3rd graders with the chance to be the best at a math challenge. It encourages them to finish their division problems faster than anyone else in the race to become the winner. But it also warns that their car will come back with every wrong answer.

Candy challenge

3rd graders use the candy challenge to understand money calculations. By knowing how much each candy costs and what they have left in the jar, students learn to count money. And since they also learn the concept of ownership and purchase from playing the game, Candy Challenge is a must-have math game for grade 3 students.

Commutative property

This exciting game helps 3rd graders build concentration and focus. It instructs them to ensure the ball never leaves the table in this ping pong game for math facts multiplication. So students need to get all answers correct to keep playing.

Monster stroll fraction

Many 3rd graders have learned fractions using games like Monster stroll fraction. In this game, they help their monster stroll to the finished line by getting all the fractions-related questions right. Every fraction they fail to identify holds their monster back.


Your children will love math better when they enjoy the teaching process. But math lessons do not always have to be numbers and fierceness; they could be enjoyable. One of the many ways to ensure your children enjoy their math lessons is to incorporate math games for third grade into your classes.