Make 15


Make 15 is a fun and challenging math game for kids. The objective of the game is to arrange the numbers 1 through 15 in order, using only addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The catch is that you can only use each number once! This reinforces important math skills while still allowing kids to have fun. There are many different ways to play Make 15, so it can be adjusted to different skill levels. Give it a try with your kids and see how they do!

The Make 15 math game is a great way for kids to learn basic addition and subtraction. The object of the game is to get rid of all of your cards by making adding up to 15. This can be done by either adding two numbers together or subtracting a number from another. For example, if you have a 9 and a 6, you could either add them together to make 15 or subtract the 6 from the 9 to make 3. The first person to get rid of all their cards wins!

The Make 15 math game for kids

This game is perfect for kids who are just starting to learn math, as it helps them practice their addition and subtraction skills in a fun and easy way.

The Make 15 math game for kids is a great way for your child to learn essential math skills. The goal of the game is to make 15 numbers in a row, and it can be played by children of all ages. This game reinforces basic addition and subtraction skills, and is also a great way to develop spatial reasoning and strategic thinking. Playing the Make 15 math game with your child will help them improve their math skills while also having fun!

Author: Nancy Smith