Logic Steps


Logic Steps Math Game for Kids

A logic game is one that challenges children to think and reason in different ways. This type of game helps children apply logical thinking to everyday life and mathematical concepts. For example, a child can sort objects into groups based on size and shape. They can also sort toys by color or type. Children are more likely to apply higher-level thinking skills when they’re given a task that requires them to sort objects.

A game like Entangled uses a step-by-step approach to teach kids problem-solving and spatial awareness. A child can choose from a grid with various squares and rotate them by 90 degrees or 1/4 turn. When a closed shape is created, they can mark the puzzle as solved. The difficulty of the puzzle increases with each level.

A child can also practice logic skills through “why” questions. Asking “why” questions helps kids think logically and justify their actions. They can use this skill in math, science, and the arts. This game is a great way to teach children how to think logically while having fun.

Author: Donald Young