Logic Magnets


Logic Magnets Online Game For Kids

Logic Magnets is a puzzle game that focuses on kids’ brains and the ability to think logically. There are many challenging levels and fascinating tasks to complete. Players place magnets on certain spots in a logical order. Black objects must be moved from a spot to another spot to fill them with magnets. Eventually, they must cover all of the dots before they run out of moves.

The magnetic tiles are perfect for building and using your child’s imagination. The magnetic tiles also help children develop their logic skills and the ability to recognize shapes and patterns. In addition, this game teaches children to recognize capital letters and how to build words. By challenging them to build bigger structures, kids are able to gain a deeper understanding of shapes and patterns and apply those skills to math.

The Coogam Magnetic Letters include 156 magnetic lowercase letters and 52 uppercase letters. This set also includes a magnetic board, a double-sided magnetic board, a whiteboard marker, and an eraser. The game also comes in a plastic storage box. The magnetic letters feature consonants in blue and vowels in red. By playing this game, children will build vocabulary and strengthen concentration skills.

Author: Donald Young