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Light On Free Online Game For Children

Red Light, Green Light is an educational game for preschoolers and older children that involves following directions and staying on task. It also helps develop coordination, listening skills, and agility. The game can be played inside or outside. It is a fun way to introduce a concept such as traffic lights, colour identification, and pedestrian crossing safety.

To play, have the children line up at one end of the room and stand facing a volunteer. Using a spotlight, call “green light.” When a light is thrown in front of the player, he or she must stand still. If a child is caught moving, he or she must move back to where they started.

Another fun game that utilizes flashlights is flashlight limbo. Kids are able to break the beam of the flashlight if their body crosses underneath the beam. The flashlight can be used as a disco ball, so it is suitable for indoor and outdoor play. The game can be played by the entire family or a group of friends.

The flashlight game is a great game for older children, but it can also be adapted for younger kids. It is a team-based activity that requires everyone to use their flashlights. The kids can work together to find items hidden in the dark. They can also use flashlights to draw over objects.

One child plays the role of a traffic cop. The traffic cop stands a few feet away from the rest of the group. He closes his eyes and counts from red light to green light, one, two, three. The other kids then race toward the traffic cop. If the traffic cop opens his eyes, the players must freeze and go back to where they started.

This game teaches listening skills, agility, and safety. With modifications, the Red Light, Green Light can be played indoors or outdoors. Red Light, Green Light can be played with any number of players. It can also be played with multiple rounds. The first person to finish the first round is the leader for the next round.

Author: Donald Young