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Less than Greater than Math Game

Using the symbol for greater than less than in order to compare amounts

The symbol for less than greater than is one of the first symbols a child learns in order to understand the meaning of inequality.

Eventually he will learn to compare numbers, exercises, percentages, fractions, etc. but first he must learn how to compare amounts by using the symbol for less than greater than.

Practicing using the symbol is important since kids tend to confuse them; and what's so surprising considering that it's the same symbol that when turned one way it means more than but when turned the other means less than.

So what can be done in order to help the child remember how to decipher the symbol correctly?

Two things:
First, explain the meaning of the symbol to your child, and in order to do this we will enroll the help of an alligator's jaw.

Yes, exactly that.

The jaw of an alligator is similar in shape to the greater than less than symbol and it helps the child to remember that "the alligator's mouth eats the larger amount".

You can see examples of this in the following pictures:

Less Than Sign Greater Than Sign

Secondly, practice the use of the symbol with your child by using a game offered by Courtney Hester in the following video clip.

Click on the arrow in order to play the video.

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